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Detox & Energy Soursop Bitters

Detox & Energy Soursop Bitters

PriceFrom $17.99

Detox and Energy Soursop Bitters are made with real Soursop Leaves, and other herbs rich in antioxidants including Ginger, Moringa, Turmeric, Sage, Maca, Irish Moss, Mahogany Bark.

These bitters will help you get rid of the toxins built up in your body. A must for those aiming to lose weight! 

One of the many benefits of Detox & Energy Soursop Bitters is that it is loaded with Vitamin C and iron which in turn helps strengthen the bones.

-boosts your immune system and prevents several illnesses


Ingredients: Ginger, Moringa, Turmeric, Sage, Maca, Irish Moss, Mahogany Bark, & more!


Special Benefits:

- Soursop/Graviola Leaves & other Herbs help the body heal and prevent several illnesses

- Boost immune system

-Loaded with vitamin C

-Anti-cancer properties to fight cancer cells, lower blood pressure, and strengthen bones

-Aids in impotence, increase sex drive, and helps in weight loss

-Soursop bitters promotes healthy liver, kidney, and skin while preventing iron deficiency, acid reflex

-Stabilizes blood sugar level and improves blood circulation



16 Ounces & 32 Ounces




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