Essence Body Products SMOOTH (whipped & scented)

Essence Body Products SMOOTH (whipped & scented)


  Use this as a Essence Body Products SMOOTH (whipped & scented) for all over body softening. This shea butter is whipped with canola oil, olive oil and coconut oil for a lighter consistency, good for summer and fall when you don't want something too heavy or greasy. Gentle enough to be used on face, hands and even hair! You can also use it as a massage cream...simply rub some between your palms and massage into skin.  If you love the scent of our body butters but prefer something more "out there", try our SMOOTH line. Our handmade body butters are whipped with olive oil.


Special Benefits:

  • Ghana 100% Shea Butter 
  • Whipped with Natural Oil
  • Scented with Fragrance Oil



Shea Butter, Natural Oil, Fragrance


***Belles Fleurs is a floral scent***

***Kiss Me is a lovely Kumquat scent***

***Georgia Peach is a light and peachy scent***