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Herboganic Herbal Soaps

Herboganic Herbal Soaps


Sunrise Fragrance is proud to offer Herboganic Soaps: natural, vegan and made with organically grown herbs. These soaps have no harmful chemicals, no petrochemicals, no coloring, no preservatives and no artificial fragrances.  Each soap contains a formula designed to clean and soothe your skin. They are made with herbal extracts and essential oils that moisturize and soften your skin.



Herboganic Acne Treatment: made 100% natural herbs. It has also anti-bacterial properties that will reduce acne, pimples, spots and control excessive oil from skin.


Herboganic Eucalyptus:  designed to clean and soothe even the most sensitive skin without leaving a film.
A deep, moisturizing cleanse that is gentle enough for all types of skin. For men, women, and children.


Herboganic Turmeric: a natural treatment for Acne, revitalizes your skin and protects your skin from acne & rash.


Weight: 100g

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